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Awareness Services

Here to awaken human awareness, each of these services offers the opportunity to directly influence individuals to lead healthier, more meaningful and joy-filled lives.

Radical Awakening Services

Radical Awakening - is a dialogue in a meditative state. The client brings a relevant issue to the session with the intention of bringing it more awareness, healing or resolution. Through dialogue, we attain the issue’s core cause. Then through awareness, release and dissolve the pattern, and heighten or expand consciousness. At a certain point during the dialogue, there is a sudden, spontaneous, and permanent shift in the conscious awareness of the real Self within the heart. This awakening from the dream of daily life brings about the awareness of the unfolding of a state of Pure Awareness that is ever-present, stable and permanent. The Awareness is a state of being in the present moment, or being in the awakened heart and can occur spontaneously and naturally. After the initial awakening, there is a continuous deepening into the Silence, the Mystery, or Universal Consciousness.

Key Benefits

  • Releasing emotional blocks and old habits and patterns of thinking causing fear, pain and suffering
  • Learning tools for keeping the mind in the present moment, not in the past or the future
  • Manifesting your desires and realizing your highest potential
  • Living life with more awareness, purpose and passion
  • Experiencing a life filled with love, freedom, truth and joy
Catherine facilitates and teaches the Radical Awakening process, as brought to the west by Yukio Ramana. Ramana received his name from his teacher in India, the late master Sri Poonjaji, whose own teacher was the saint, Sri Ramana Maharshi. Yukio Ramana, a psychologist, brings his 15 years of practice and teaching in the transpersonal psychology field to his work in Radical Awakening.

Kundalini Yoga Services

Kundalini yoga is a specialized form of a transformational yoga; taught by Catherine, also known as Shanti Devi, a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. Within the 22 recognized techniques, Kundalini is one of the 5 ancient and the most powerful, effective forms.

Employing simple techniques that anyone can practice, Kundalini Yoga stimulates the potential for optimal health and a radiant sense of well being. When the body and mind are at ease and become one, a true body-mind connection appears. This link allows inspiration to flow and peace of mind to be realized, with positive effects noticeable almost immediately.

Group and Private classes are ongoing.